Happy first Advent and what I wish for this blog!

Hey hey everyone!
The day has finally come and I will start regularly posting here everyday now!
I must say I got quite a bit nervous with this launch when I saw how many views the blog had without having even launched…We’ve reached the 350 views, which was my first goal. Thank you all very very much!
Today is the first of December, the first Advent day and I want to wish you all a very good holiday season and hope you’re very happy and inspired my it!
I want this blog to be not only a place where I show my outfits and what I’ve been up to, but also (and maybe more importantly) a place where you can come and feel safe, be inspired and get some closure! I want everyone to feel free to e-mail me or reach out in any way you want and know you have a friend here!
I want to show girls all over the world that you don’t need to be rich to wear good clothes. That you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good, that what matters is how YOU feel and not only what you wear. You’re what makes the clothes stand out, they’re just an accessory!
I want girls to know it’s ok not to have everything figured out (I don’t!) and that’s it’s ok to be scared about the future or sad about a breakup or a fight with a friend. 
I want girls to know they don’t have to be a model to be beautiful, because they are already beautiful in their own way!
I want girls to feel good in their bodies and I want girls to stop bashing their bodies and hating themselves. Instead, celebrate yourselves!
But in the end of the day, what I really want is for you all to be happy! 
I hope I can be a part of it!
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  1. 1. December 2013 / 10:55 pm

    First comment! 😉

    Muito boa sorte com este passo na tua vida, força nisso! <3


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