Hello 2015!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!
It’s 2015! How crazy is that? I feel like last week was NYE 2014! Time really does fly..
2014 was the best and the worst year for me, so far.
I moved to Austria, because moving down the road or to the next city is what everyone does and I needed to be different! Just kidding, I had my reasons to move to a different country from the one I grew up in and even though I love Vienna with all my heart, I also love Portugal and miss it and my parents a lot. I always say that if Vienna had my parents and the seaside here, it would be perfect!
I got played by a bad boy who likes to think he’s a good guy and it hurt like shit at the time. But (there’s always a but, huh?) if I have to be honest, it was the best bloody thing that happened to me! If I ever were to see him again, I’d thank him for hurting me, because that made me appreciate myself way more and know what I want and deserve. And then I would smack him in the face. 
I got my first “grown up” job. I got fired of my first “grown up” job. Then I got my second job here in Vienna, which I love! I love (most of) the people I get to work with, I love that I’m helping people and even if sometimes the hours are messed up and right there almost against human rights (hello 9h workdays with only 6min breaks per hours!), I wouldn’t change it, because it’s a job where I’ve learned a lot about helping people and working with others. I also learned that sometimes they will take advantage of you and not everything is perfect, but that’s part of growing up.
The worst part of this year was definitely losing my dearest Cookie, my partner in crime and my first baby. She truly was a good kitten, even though she was far from being a normal cat (she used to sit at the window and growl at the mailman!), she was always there for me, she always had cuddles to give me when I wasn’t feeling well and she always showed that she loved me. She taught me what it’s like to have someone in your life that is the number one and basically to think like a mother and put the baby first, even when she bit me because she was grumpy (yeah, she used to do that xD). What made it even harder was that I was alone. I wanted my parents so badly, but I could only talk to them on the phone. Luckily I have a great group of friends here (small, but good) and my parents and Dani were always a call away.
One of the best parts of this year was being able to adopt my two little tigers Donald & Daisy! I got them from the Animal Shelter and the caretaker there told me they were very scared and would probably never really come to me. Boy was she wrong! Even though the first few days were hard and they were really scared, now they’re cuddly purry bugs that will come to me and purr their eyes out and are just the best! It makes me so happy knowing I could show them that they’re safe with me, after being mistreated on the streets when they were just kittens. And I hope I’ll have them for a long long time.
Being away from my Parents and my friends is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But at the same time it’s one of the most fulfilling feelings I have! It’s hard, but I’m learning to get by alone…making my own laundry and food and all those boring things. It taught me to apreciate those who really matter, that my parents and my best friends really, truly are the best. It showed me who is here to be and who I should let go of. But it also made me see that sometimes you need to show people they’re special and important to you. 
It also showed me that sometimes the biggest support comes from people you don’t know in person, aka all of you who send me e-mails and tweets and comment on my posts! You truly are amazing and even thought you all say I’m inspiring, YOU are the ones who inspire me to be better and to inspire you more!
Thank you 2014, you were amazing at times and a pain in my butt! Fare well!
I wish all of you an amazing 2015!!!



  1. 4. January 2015 / 6:02 pm

    I haven't ever read your blog before but I just read your list of what you have done this year and it is great !! It is such a good idea to look back over the year to see what you have learnt and achieved and I really enjoyed reading your post =]. P.s REALLY cute cats x

  2. 26. January 2015 / 1:06 pm

    Thank you Sera! It's always horrible when we lose a dear pet….I hope you're doing better!!

  3. 26. January 2015 / 1:06 pm

    Thank you Victoria!! I like to do these kind of lists once in a while =D

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