Hello November 2017

Risking being very cliché: where did time go? It’s like yesterday was January and now it’s one month until Christmas! It’s time to say:

Hello November

I already told you here why the 1st of November is an important date for me. But this year it has a bitter-sweet taste to me. 

Lately, I realized this is my last year as a “non-mom”. It’s our last year as just a couple. Like, next year by this time we’ll have an 8-month-old baby! It still feels surreal to me! 

I still have so many things to plan ahead of me, things I can control such as my mothers leave and others I can’t, such as when the baby actually will be here. For the first time in a very long time, I feel somewhat overwhelmed and lost, while at the same time knowing exactly where I stand. It’s a weird feeling. 

Changes ahead

Speaking of weird feelings: my parents are moving. Like, today. The house where I lived for 10 years (the longest we ever lived in a place!) was getting too big for just the two of them, so they decided to downgrade.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great thing for them! But at the same time, I have this weird feeling of losing a home. Which is weird itself, because I never really felt like any of the places we lived in were “home“. Probably because we moved a couple of times or maye because it was always their house and I kinda always had the feeling I was just “tagging along” due to being the daughter. Or maybe it was because it was never really the place chose – even though I did go with them at the time to visit properties when they were buying the house.

I guess it is just surreal to me, not knowing where my parents will be living now. Even though I know the town and even more or less where the new place is located, but I don’t know it. I guess this is a part of growing up and being mature (which I try very hard not to do!).

Hello November

The last working weeks

Also, this November marks the last month I will be working before going home to wait for baby. In Austria, you get 8 weeks before and after the baby is born, where you’re forbidden to work. Yes, you read it right, you are forbidden to work!

I was planning on taking some vacation days during Christmas time. But I have been having some complications with the pregnancy (don’t worry, the baby is doing fine! It’s me that isn’t doing great) and after speaking to my doctors, we thought it was best for me to take all of my vacation days at once. Which means I will only be working until the end of November.

It feels sort of a failure to me because I was the one saying that I would be working until the baby came and complaining about the 8 weeks of not working. But at the end of the day, my baby is the most important thing!

Besides, it will give me more extra time to get posts written on here. 

Plans for November 2017

I obviously have some plans what the blog is concerned. Some recipes I want to make and share with you. Planning and pre-writing the posts for December (what do you think about me making Portuguese Christmas sweets?), optimizing old posts (it’s so time-consuming!) and attend one or another blog event if I end up having the time for it. 

Hopefully, we will (finally!) get a crib for the baby! And the stroller should arrive in November as well, which I’m super excited for – mostly because I can’t remember anymore which color we chose.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Austria, but I saw a recipe for turkey in the oven that I just have to try out. So I guess we’re celebrating it this year!

Otherwise, I only have plans to take thing easy and spend a lot of quality time with Markus and family/friends. And since we just got a new nephew, we will probably also be visiting him! 

What are your plans for this November? What do you like the most about this month/season?


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