Highsexuality? Pansexuality? Can we just stop this nonsense?

As much of you know, I don’t really care if you like boys, girls or horses. (ok, horses would be a bit weird…). I have gay friends, I have lesbian friends, I have bisexual friends, I have transsexual friends and I have drag queen friends. You name, I’ve met someone like that in my life.

While for most of the part I take things pretty lightly and fun – ie when I asked a tran at Lisbon Pride if I could touch her breasts because they were (obviously) fake and ended up with each hand on two different sets of boobs to feel the difference between silicone and saline breasts – sometimes things get a bit too much, too fast.

Enter pansexuality.


No, it’s not what “pansexuality” describes that bothers me, but the fact that someone had to go and get yet another name to describe one simple thing: love.  

So many of my gay friends are bothered with this new popular thing called pansexuality and I get it, I totally understand them. It doesn’t fucking matter if you love a guy, a girl, a trans or transvestite. THEY’RE ALL PEOPLE! Do we have to come up with new names every other day to describe sexuality?

As harsh as this sounds, I think those who are coming up with these names are the ones not ok with their own sexuality, feeling the need to come up with a name to make it “ok” for them to love who they love. Some people defend that “Pansexuality” is just another way to describe “Bisexuality”.

And it gets worse:



If you’re a male having sex with other males while high on crack, it doesn’t mean you’re “highsexual” it means you’re curious about having sex with the same gender or even do like guys, but aren’t confident enough (for whatever reason it might be) to say it publicly, yet when you “smoke one” you end up in bed with that honky dude from the bar you’ve been eyeing all night long.

We are brought up, whether we want to admit it or now, in a society that tell us the “right thing” is to grow up and marry someone from the opposite sex. That means we grow up thinking it’s wrong to be with someone from the same sex and in some cases lie to everyone around us (an sometimes even ourselves) so that we can fit in. And then we come up with idiotic names like “highsexual” or “pansexual”. I even thing bisexual is just a made up word, because it doesn’t fucking matter who you love or want to have sex with, it’s YOUR BUSINESS, no one else’s!

Stop making up these names, these “definitions”! People in the LGBT communities around the world are getting seriously offended (you should see some fights I’ve seen on my facebook) about this.

Honestly, does it really matter who you decide to sleep with? Is it really anyone’s business, beside yours? I know society isn’t the most forgiving, but that’s because people keep following its “norms”. Society is made up by people, their “norms” come from people. People are you, me,your friends, your family, your stupid neighbor who never cleans up his dog’s poop, us.

In ancient Greece it wasn’t only not condemned, it was normal to be with someone from the same sex, especially men. It was even considered a rite of passage. In the animal world you still see animals having sex with mates of the same sex.

  Instead of trying to come up with new names and definitions for sexuality that make it ok withing society to be with someone of the opposite sex, how about we try to change society itself? After all, we’re the ones that made it like it is in the first place. So why not change it and adapt it to the people in it, instead of coming up with names for things that are considered “wrong”?



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