How to make a changing table on a budget

Once you find out you’re pregnant, one of the things you need to think of is the baby’s room. One of the important places to think of is where you will change their diapers. Today I am sharing with you how to make a changing table on a budget. 

changing table budget


There’s a whole business going into baby rooms. You can get whole rooms at once, with everything matching! Naturally, getting a complete room at once can cost a bit of a fortune. Which is why we decided to make our own changing table. Kind of. We made part of it. And by we, I actually mean Markus and his dad.  

We decided to buy a chest of drawers from Ikea – most specifically the MALM one with four drawers – and make the actual diaper changing section. This cost us less than 70€ in Ikea and then maybe 20€ for the wood in the hardware store. Once the baby doesn’t need a changing table anymore, we can remove the top section and keep using the chest.

We didn’t paint the removable part of the changing table because we were lazy and thought it would be fine. And it is, with one little annoyance: because it isn’t oiled, any dust particle will cling to it. If we ever have a second baby, we will paint it and maybe even match the chest of drawers (if we’re feeling motivated). 



Honestly, it all came down to two things: we did not like any of the changing tables we saw and the ones we did see were either too expensive and/or unpractical.

There are a lot of instructions online on how to make a removable section to put on top of various chest drawers. We chose the MALM one simply because we like it and already have one in our own bedroom. The first drawer is used to store Benjamin’s current clothes and the second one to store his shoes and things he is too small to wear yet. and yes, all of the clothes he wears fit in one drawer. 

We hung up a shelf over the changing table, to keep the extra diapers. On the table, is a soft diaper changing underlay with a cover that can be easily cleaned if necessary – and trust me, it will eventually be necessary. 


I used empty Glossybox boxes (I knew those would come in handy eventually) to store the things we need the most – creams, his NoseFrida and the odd medicine he may need. The baby wipes are obviously also there, as well as a box of tissues. I either use the baby wipes or a tissue soaked in the Mustela cleansing water when Benjamin gets his diapers changed.

You can see a grey foam roll on the bottom of the changing table. It may look weird to have something like that in a changing table, but it is actually really helpful! See, babies like to stomp their feet and this protects Benjamin’s little footsies from getting hurt when he bumps against the wood. 


A changing table should be functional and practical. Sure, you can have the cutest, most beautiful and stylish changing table ever. But unless you never actually use it, it won’t stay like that for very long!

Babies are curious little things and will try to take everything in their reach. Anything that can get broken is now stored on the shelve above the table. Benjamin will often need to be “coerced” into letting us change his diapers. Because, you know, he ain’t got time to lie there for 2 whole minutes. He sees it as torture and I always have to come up with ways to get him interested in something long enough for me to change him. 

Another thing to consider is how long you will be using the changing table. Pediatricians will often advise you to only use changing tables until the baby is 6 months old. The reason for this is simple: that is when most babies start really being mobile. Unfortunately, this also means that is the time when accidents start occurring. It really only takes a second looking the other way for a baby to turn around and fall off of the table! 

Choosing a changing table is something really personal and unique. I hope this post showed some of you it is possible to make something without spending a fortune. Personally, I think this way you can personalize it the way you really want it and that’s pretty sweet!



  1. 6. February 2019 / 11:58 am

    Loved this changing table. I’m always looking for clever ideas just like this one. Thabks for sharing.

    • Rosie
      8. August 2019 / 1:53 pm

      Glad I could help =) and it was super easy to make!

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