Huge Thank you to everyone!

When I started this blog 18 days ago, I thought maybe some people would read it..that I would get maybe 10 or 15 views a day..
We get in average 50 views a day and some days even 100! 
That is so surreal to me! I had the goal to reach 300 views and that happened even before I launched the blog, which made me so so so unbelievably happy!
So I put up another goal, to reach 500 views until the end of the month…that would be 150 views in the month of December, pretty doable, right? But then we reached the 500 views a few days ago..
I thought that maybe until the end of the year we could reach the 1000 views…that was a huge goal for me to reach! 1000 is a LOT of views!!!
Moments ago I came to check on the blog and realized we’ve reached 1006 views…and I’m absolutely amazed!!!!
Thank you so so much to everyone who reads the blog! Those who comment, those who tweet me, who follow me on Bloglovin and those who just stop by to take a look, a huge thank you!!!
You’ve made my day!! I hope we can have a lot more good days together and hope you all feel free to reach out to me whenever you want, for whatever you need! I’m not only someone who writes a blog, I want to actually connect with all of you! 
Have an amazing day!
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  1. 19. December 2013 / 3:38 pm

    Thank you! And thank you for being a part of it! =D

  2. 20. December 2013 / 11:09 pm

    Awww thank you =D You have a pretty amazing blog too!

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