I am a collector!

Most of you guys know only what I post here. Those of you who know me personally, know that I am a HUGE coffee drinker. Like, it’s an addiction. By now my colleagues at work know not to talk to me before I had my coffee…luckily the only one I actually meet that early is R, because he’s the one that always comes at the same time as me. And he always jokes about my Good Morning “grunts” and points out that I turn into a whole different person before I’ve had coffee. I might or not have mentally punched him when he called me a zombie. 

Anywho…what most of you guys do not know about me is that I actually collect two thing. Postcards and Mugs. And today I have a collage of Mugs that I made because I miss having my own coffee mug and hate not having it here.


By the way, if you guys ever want to give me something because, oh I don’t know, I’m sweet and amazing and all that (cof cof) then you can always get me a mug. I only have one demand: it has to be cute and big! Ok, that’s two demands, but the second one is given, right?

Now go on and get me some gifts my loves!



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