I’m ashamed…

I woke up today thinking it was a pretty good day. It’s sunny and hot, but not too hot and I was feeling good, not too much pain and a having had a decent night of sleep.

And then I opened facebook. And I saw people sharing things with the hashtag #prayforinstanbulm and I instantly had a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t dare checking the news right away, maybe in a frugal attempt to try to escape reality. On Instagram, I saw a couple more posts with the same hashtag. And so I did it. I went on bbc and The Guardian’s websites and others I regularly follow.

Another attack. Another vicious and horrible act. The worst thing to me is that these come from human beings. But I cannot see these attackers are people…I cannot see them as human beings…how can a human being, a person, a son, brother, cousin, father….how can someone do something so horrible? Why are we still doing these things? Don’t you see it won’t bring anything? I won’t change anything… Killing people, bombing airports just brings hurt into the world. Hurt, pain, tears and loss. 

And then I realized one thing that made me even more angry. When Paris was bombed, when Belgium was bombed, when the shootings happened in Orlando and in Germany last week, the world came together. Everyone, all social media channels were flooded with messages of support, understanding, help, community. Then why is it that only a fraction of those people who were so engaged to show their opinion and support are sharing this attack? Is the attack in Istanbul not as important as the others? Is it somehow not as outrageous and horrible just because it happened in Turkey and not in Europe or America? 

The image above shows exactly how the world is messed up.

People are people. Men are men. Women are women. And children are children. Everywhere in the world, everyone counts. Every soul, every life, every person.

I wish I could hug every single person that has personally been affected by this attack. I am so sorry that there still exist people who think it’s ok to do something like this. Who are so lost, so sad, so soul-less, so poor. Poor and sad, because they don’t see the value of life. Every life matters. Every person matters. And I am ashamed to live in a world like this. I am ashamed for those who do not think this attack is worth sharing. Ashamed for those who think some countries are not as important or as valuable as others.

My heart goes out for those who lost someone today. My heart and thoughts are with those who perished and all I can hope is that they aren’t suffering anymore. I hope the family and friends of those who lost their lives in this attack get the support they need and, most of all, deserve. And I truly, truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope humankind finally stop these attacks. 

#prayforistanbul #prayforlife #everylifematters


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