Inspirational Monday 2#

It’s the second week of 2015 and most people have already forgotten about their New Year resolutions or have just plain given up on them…
So lets talk about positivity, shall we?
I know sometimes it’s hard to be positive. Heck, I have days where everything goes wrong and all I want is to crawl under my blanket with my two purring tigers and not come out until the next morning. Or ever again.
But instead of doing that, I try to force myself to be positive. Yeah, it’s hard when you work hard and you don’t see results or no one seems to realize how much you’re working or everything you’re doing. 
Instead of letting yourself get down, try to accept it…because whatever happens truly is what is meant to happen in that moment. Trust in faith and destiny or God or whatever your belief is and know that when the time comes, you’ll get what you want. As long as you keep working, keep trying, keep being positive!


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