Inspirational Monday #28

In two weeks it’ll be officially Fall and I could not be more excited! This has been one hot Summer!

But on to our Inspirational Monday:


You know how sometimes we’re just like “I need to lose two more pounds and then I’ll be perfect!” or something on those lines? Well…stop it. Right.This.Moment.Now!

I’ve done this myself, until I realized that I’m already perfect the way I am. I decided to accept and love myself just the way I am now, instead of waiting for whatever it is that I think will make me better or perfect. Once we start accepting ourselves the way we are in this very moment, we’ll end up realizing how amazing we are. We are strong people, we go through things daily and we survive.

Accept yourself, flaws and all! It’s a waste of time to wait for the “right time” to start accepting who you are.



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