Inspirational Monday #29

This one is very close to my heart:


I moved around a bit. I changed schools and always had to make new friends, which wasn’t easy because I was quite shy when I was a kid (and I was the “weird” kid who would prefer to be reading in the corner than making fun of someone else). For a long time I felt something was missing, I didn’t feel I had a “home”. I envied people who had lived their whole lives in the same place, some of them even in the same house. 

But somewhere along the way I realized that, even though those people are lucky to always have lived in the same place, they’ve never gotten out of their comfort zone. They have and will always have a place to go back to, but they haven’t known anything but that place. This doesn’t mean that they’re weaker or less than me, by no means!!! It just meant they’re lucky in their own way in a safe way, so to say.

I felt so incomplete for so long, until I realized how lucky I actually am! How many people can say they’ve lived in 3 different countries? How many can say that they have family, friends and a place to always come back to in different places, cities and countries?

Sure, I’m not totally 100% at home in any of those places. But I am home nonetheless. I don’t have to choose one country to be my home, why even do it when I can call both Portugal and Austria my home?

If you ever feel like I used to, remember how lucky you are! You have people that love you in various places and always a place to go back to. Home is where your heart is and it’s totally possible for you to have your heart in more than one place at once!



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