Inspirational Monday 3#

It’s Monday again and today our Inspirational Monday truly is close to my heart.
It’s about how we put ourselves down due to what we think of others.
Have you ever opened a magazine, looked at some Instagram picture, browsed through a fashion blog or simply looked at a very fashionable girl in the street and imediately started comparing yourself to the person you’re looking at? 
Yeah, ok, we all know that pictures in magazines are extremely photoshopped and that we cannot actually see them as “real”. But what about that girl we saw in the street? Or our friend, that looks so great in just about anything she wears and would never have to think about dieting in her life, because she can eat whatever she wants?
Well…how about we all stop comparing ourselves to others? So what if someone had slim tighs or bigger breasts than you? YOU are beautiful just the way you are. Maybe that person you perseive as perfect is sitting right now at home hoping they had your eyes or your pretty hair or long legs. We are never happy with ourselves, but comparing ourselves to others only makes the matters worse.
Next time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else and getting down because of that…stop and think about 5 things about yourself that you like. 5 thinks that are unique to you, that are just yours and no one else has. Do that and let me know if it helps!


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