Inspirational Monday #32

Today’s post is meant to make you think twice before engaging in that fight with your best friend, co-worker or significant other:

know when to walk away

Sometimes in the heat of a discussion, you feel like fighting, yelling or punching someone. Trust me, if I’d punched everyone I’d felt like, I’d probably be in jail. And be a much angrier person.

I know it can be difficult to walk away or let go, especially when someone is talking crap about you. I do think that in some situations you should confront the person or have a talk with them, but for the most part it’s just not worth it and it’s better for you to just walk away and not give them the power to affect you. Unless it’s affecting your professional life or future, I think it just isn’t worth it.

Example: When I was in college this girl started making up rumors about me and whilst at first they were just stupid little lies, they soon started to evolve into bigger lies. And once a Professor of mine told me she was telling various of my Professors that I was taking amphetamines and cheating on all of my tests, I decided it was time to do something, so I confronted her. She of course denied everything, but I had at least 3 professors who were willing to stand up for me if needed (I was lucky that I had such good Professors that actually took my side and realized she was lying, probably the fact that she was known to do such things played a big role in it). This was an extreme situation and I felt that if I didn’t confront this petty little person it could jeopardize my future and I wasn’t going to let that happen. She did do some things afterwards and even hooked up with the person I was with, but I didn’t feel that confronting her in that moment would bring anything and she probably wanted a confrontation so she could play the victim, so I chose to just let it go and walk away.

The thing many people don’t realize is that by walking away, you’re the one that comes up above. You’re keeping your power, your dignity intact. Once you give in to petty things, you’ve lost everything and given the other person the power. Then they know they can hurt you, annoy you or make you mad – they know they have the power.

Keep the power. Walk away. Head up high because you know you’re not the one at fault here.



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