Inspirational Monday 4#

It’s Monday! That means another Inspirational Monday is in order and today we’re gonna talk about what it bring you to wait for things.
Have you ever waited for something for so long, that in the end once you get it, you realize it doesn’t mean half as much as you thought it would? 
Waiting for something to happen sometimes changes you, sometimes it ends up not being what you wanted. Not because you never wanted it, but because once you get it…once it finally happens, you realize you changed and it doesn’t matter anymore as much as you thought it did. 
Next time faith makes you wait for something, think about this quote. Think about it and maybe you’ll realize it’s not really what you want..maybe you think you want it, but if you were to get it, you’d know it’s not the right thing, it’s not what you really want and deserve. 
Patience truly is a virtue.


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