Inspirational Monday 6#

Today on Inspirational Monday I’m talking to you about following your dreams.
When I first decided to move to Vienna, no one believed I would. Everyone thought I was crazy, that I would never do it. But I did. 
I did it because I knew I’d have a better life here. And that made it worth it. Have I regretted it? I have had times when I ask myself what the heck I was thinking, times when I just wanted to board a plane and go to my parents (when Cookie died for example), but in the end I realized it was one of those things when I just needed to ignore the odds. And it’s been worth it.
When you feel something is right, do it. It doesn’t matter what others think! Go out with that boy, even if everyone tells you he’s gonna hurt you. Of course he will hurt you, when we love someone, they hurt us, but after everything is gone, you realize the good moments were worth it.
Trust your instincts, because they are there for a reason!


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