Inspirational Monday 9#

February has come and gone and it’s crazy to think we’re already in March, but it’s the truth! And today I chose a very deep quote for the first Inspirational Monday of the month!
I live to help others. I say that there are two things I know how to do, one is writing and the other one is helping others. But there have been times in my life when I needed others the most and that’s when I found out who really were my friends. Those that are still here. 
That’s when I learned that the most important person in your life is you. You should never forget about yourself and you should learn to ask for help as well. Helping others is something amazing and you should never stop doing it, but you should know when to take a break and take care of your own self.


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  1. 6. March 2015 / 2:16 pm

    So rightly put Honey bun always love yourself first , its only when times of crisis occur that we look around us and see who´s left to help us pick up the pieces . If there´s one thing I´ve learnt along the years it´s that some people are keepers and others are just disposable, waltzing into your life as fast as they waltz out , but as they leave you find that you have learnt something from their existence in your life , keep the good and out with the bad 😉 . As my Sister so rightly puts it ” Good Riddens to Bad Rubbish” LOL , toxic people are everywhere unfortunatley so we shall just try to get ourselves Rid of the “Strainers” or “Drainers”. Love the Blogg Babes have a great weekend

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