Inspirational Monday: Beauty is…

I hope you had a very good weekend and are fully loaded for the week ahead!
Nowadays wherever we look, we see gorgeous, beautiful (and more often than not photo-shopped) women. Be it in magazines, on tv or just on a poster in the subway, we keep being bombarded with those images. And they make us think and worse, feel that we’re not beautiful.
Next time you feel down or not pretty enough, think about the quote above. Everyone is different, that’s the beauty about beauty! That’s what you, what we, should focus on! 
Being beautiful is much more than what you look like. I more often that not think that those who are what society calls beautiful or “hot” are usually not people I would want to have close to me on a daily basis. They forget that outside beauty fades, you get older, get wrinkles. But who you are inside can shine no matter what!
What is beauty for you?



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