Inspirational Monday: Close the door

Sometimes we have a hard time letting the past be the past…be it regarding friendships, relationships or that bad grade on a test, you should learn how to close the door to your past and let the future be the future…and most importantly, don’t take the present to seriously.
Now don’t get me wrong, you should think about your future! Just don’t take it to seriously…don’t let it control your life, your every single moment!
Every day is a new day. A new opportunity, to start over, to do better, to let the past be the past! Get drunk, go on a vacation with your friends, try new things! You want to have stories to tell your grandchildren or your old friends once you’re at a elderly home, right?
But learn when you should open that door again. Don’t let the opportunity of seeing an old friend go by, just because you want the past to be the past. There is place for everything, in moderation. Learn when to open the door and when to let it be closed!



  1. Anonymous
    19. August 2014 / 7:16 pm

    So true girl! You're such a big inspiration!


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