Inspirational Monday: Happiness isn’t a result

Hey hey everyone!
It’s Monday again and here I am with another inspirational post..this one is very important to me. 
We live in a very consumption-forward society nowadays where the “see-want-get” is more important than what you already have! I think we all should take a little time to read this quote and reflect over it.
I want a lot of things. Last week I went to Steffl here in Vienna and I saw a lot of things I want. But do I need them? Not really…I ended up going home very happy though. Because, even though I had some Jimmy Choo shoes in my hand that were worth more than I got for my car, I realized I already have a lot of things that make me happier than that pair of shoes ever could!
I have loving parents, amazing friends, I’m in a city I love, have a cute (sometimes) adorable cat and even though I’m currently really stressed and scared and anxious about getting a job, the truth is that I have a lot to be happy about!
So stop thinking that material things will make you happy. They will, of course! But only for a bit, until the next thing come along. Focus on the things you already have instead of the things you don’t have. You’ll end up realizing you already have a lot to be happy about!
Have a great Monday!


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