Inspirational Monday: keep your dignity!

Hey hey everyone!
It’s time for another Inspirational Monday!
As usual, I chose a quote that I find personally inspiring..technically it isn’t a quote but an advice of some kind…either way, I find it to suit what I’m going through and I bet I’m not the only one!
We all have people in our lives that are…well…bitches! Those girls who roll their eyes and make snarky comments…who only will talk to you when they need or want know it’s true! And then there are those who are plain ass mean and seem to just feel happy when they’re putting others down….and more often than we would like to admit, even if we try to put out a brave face, we get down and start doubting ourselves…
Sometimes we blame ourselves…think we’re the problem…we’re not good enough or should have done better…well that’s all bullshit!!!
They’re the problem! They’re the one’s that feel unhappy about themselves and instead of appreciating who they are, they put others down! And as much as we want to help them, unless they want to change, there’s nothing we can do…
And we need to know when to walk away…and not let this affect and be confident about yourself!!! We all are great, we’re amazing and we shouldn’t be put down by anyone…we shouldn’t let anyone put us down!!!
I hope this inspired you to start a brand new week!


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