Inspirational Monday: Let destiny take charge!

Hey hey everyone!
I should have posted today’s Inspirational Monday earlier, but hey better late then never right?
Today I chose a quote from one of my (and I believe many women out there) favorite show’s! It’s from Sex and the City and it’s from our very own Sarah Jessica Parker in the skin of Carrie Bradshaw!
Regardless to say I saw every episode of every season of the show…and I loved it!!!
Carrie was actually my favorite character, maybe because she was a writer and had kinda exactly my dream job…but just maybe =P
Every now and then (currently in the “now” phase) I feel like I’m lost and don’t know what to do in my life and I think this happens to everyone. 
When I read this quote I felt a bit more at ease..I always try to control everything about my life, maybe because lately I’ve felt so out of control…it drives my Mr crazy sometimes when I need to know stuff in advance haha! 
I’m trying to let go of the whole “I should” and instead do what I want to…Because you know what? Sometimes in life you have to let go of everything you think you should do or have to do and just…have fun!!! 
Let destiny take charge instead of trying to take over everything…because in the end of the day, there are things we will never be able to control, no matter how much we want to!
Let me know how it works, will ya?




  1. Nora
    26. March 2013 / 2:20 pm

    I like new background of the blog! And you are right, sometimes we should stop thinking and let go of things 😀


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