Inspirational Monday: Self Worth

Since I got so many e-mails of people asking me to bring back Inspirational Monday, I decided “meh, why not…let’s give them folks some inspirations at the start of the week again!” and here we are again!!!
For way to long I spent my time looking for people to validate me. Be it my friends, my aunts and uncles, my parents, the man at the newspaper stand….ok, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea! And guess what? I was miserable!!!
I thought I had to change myself, be someone else, make everyone happy…and that was just not happening! I mean…you can NEVER please everyone…and you shouldn’t! You should please yourself, be who YOU want to be. As long as it’s not a murderer. Please don’t think it’s ok to be a murderer from reading this post…
You need to accept yourself…accept that you’re not the thinnest or the tallest or the shortest or the smartest or the dumbest or whatever it is you’re not and think you should be! Once you do that, you’ll start seeing your own worth!
 Everyone has exceptional characteristics and qualities and I feel people spend way to much time thinking about what they’re not and forget to see how awesome they already are!!! And they should see that and everything will fall into place!
Unless you’re a murderer. Never be a murderer!


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