Inspirational Monday: Take the time!

Hey hey everyone!!!
Happy Monday! You know what that means: quote time!
This Monday’s quote is this:
This week’s quote is a bit on the sad side, but still I feel it is quite important! Sometimes we don’t realize what other people are going through, whether it is because we have to much going on in our own lives, or the people around us don’t open up….we often forget that the ones around us have problems as well!
How many times do you actually take the time to ask your friends how they really are? I know I sometimes have so much stuff going on that I see a friend is’t having a good day, but I don’t sit down and talk to them, I take time after I did what I had to do…an although most of them understand that just as them I too have a busy life, sometimes feelings get hurt..
Take a couple of minutes from your day to check on those you love…and try understanding that sometimes people have certain attitudes because of what they went through and not because they’re a bad person! 
Remember, everything you went through, all the invisible scars you might have, all the pain you went through made you who you are today!! So, always be grateful for what made you a better person =D
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Have a great day!



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