Inspirational Monday: there is nothing wrong with you!

So, I’ve received a ton of e-mails and messages asking me to bring back Inspirational Monday posts…and I decided to start writing them again. It’s actually one of my favorite things to write and I always love the feedback I get from you!
Today I chose a very special quote/picture. As you know, I am a firm believer in body confidence, not just for plus sized or curvy women out there, but for everyone with a body!
I’m just so sick and tired of people saying that there is something wrong with you unless you have a perfect body. On Friday I had someone tell me that I’m such a cool person, such a good friend etc etc…jokingly I said something like “right, that’s why I have tons of guys lining up to be with me” and the person actually answers me with “you are cool and an amazing person…but you know what your problem is, right?” hinting at the fact that I’m not thin. I mean…at the time I just let it go, we were all out and I just didn’t give it much thought…but afterwards I just thought to myself what a bad comment that was! 
I am not thin, but I have never had problems finding people who are attracted to me or who find me beautiful! It’s just that most of the guys I find that find me attractive just wanna get me into bed. But then again, that’s a problem most women in our society have now and some of them have “hot” bodies, so I guess the problem there isn’t that I don’t have a socially accepted hot body.
And the thing is…this person tried to excuse himself by adding “men are stupid”. Well…no secret there, right? Just kidding! (not really). “Men” aren’t stupid. People like you are! People who go and tell someone they supposedly think is so great that their “problem” is that they’re not thin…saying that just shows how much of a small mind this person has. People like this just make me sick! Luckily this was a comment made to me and I’ve come so far along that I don’t give a fuck about this kind of comments!!! But what about all those young girls who hear this on a daily basis? Who will go on and feel ugly, unworthy, disgusting…who will starve themselves to be “hot”. Not very long ago I was one of those girls. It was comments like these that made me have the unhealthy relationship with food that I had for over a decade! And I know how hard it is to feel that way, that you’re not good enough…to starve yourself, to lie to your friends and family because you don’t want them to know what you’re doing to your own body…and it all starts with one little comment.
I just hope everyone knows that this is bullshit!!! If a guy doesn’t like you it’s not because of your body….and if he doesn’t like you because of your body shape…then it’s his problem and not yours! You are perfect the way you are! The important thing is to be healthy, not “perfect”. What is a perfect body anyways? To me, it’s a body that is healthy…that works, that keeps you warm, that is strong. 
YOU are perfect! And don’t you ever let someone with a small mind tell you otherwise. 



  1. 26. December 2014 / 10:21 pm

    Yep…it's actually sad if we think about it..

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