Inspirational Monday: Wrong choices bring us to the right place!

Hey hey everyone!
I know I’ve been quite MIA this past week…In needed to take some time to think about stuff…what I want to do with the blog..the start of my second semester this year (and hopefully my last) and then I caught a flu….why does it seem that I always catch a flu or a cold right before class starts? 
I was looking through my pictures and quotes that I save in my computer and I stumbled upon this one that I am sharing with all of you today…it’s quite personal as well..
It is no secret that I’ve made some mistakes in my life.. From being with the wrong guy, to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time..or simply being in the wrong place, I have a good share of mistakes in my life! I used to just torment myself over them…now I don’t!
With time I’ve realized it doesn’t help to torture yourself over mistakes made.. Don’t get me wrong, I do still allow myself a bit of self-torturing…but only for a bit! Then I get up, wipe my tears and try again!! And sometimes…just sometimes, the mistakes, those wrong turns…actually bring us right where we’re supposed to be =D
Whenever I start feeling down because I haven’t finished my bachelor degree, because of all the mistakes I made…I remember that if it hadn’t been for it…I wouldn’t have re-met my Mr last year…and today I wouldn’t be in the best relationship I’ve ever been..with the most amazing man I know, that truly makes me happy..
So next time, when you’re down and sad because you made a mistake…made the wrong choice…remember that choice might bring you to the place you’re supposed to be all along!! I don’t see mistakes as something bad…I see them as lessons to learn from. Try doing it as well!
I wish you all an amazing week!!
Thank you all who’ve e-mailed me, sent me tweets or facebook messages! It means the world to me getting those sweet and kind messages and knowing I’m helping people out there!!!



  1. 11. February 2013 / 5:23 pm

    So true, mistakes also shape our lives and we wouldn't be the same persons without them.

    Have a nice week,

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