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I’ve been taking so many pictures of Cookie, I decided I had to share some of them here! She’s generally a little tiger who doesn’t like to be pet or held, but sometimes she does make an exception. Usually when we go to bed (she likes to sleep by my legs) or when she decides I’m a good couch. Here ya go:
On a Saturday morning..She’s so cute I had to take this picture. She bit me right after it…sigh..
I had gotten a magazine and just when I wanted to read it, she decided to come sit on me. When I asked her if I wasn’t allowed to read, she responded with this yawn…like I said, tiger!
In the evening, after a long day of work, she decided to come lay on me..
And sometimes I force her to be on my arm…doesn’t last long, but hey, I keep trying!
I had just changed my bed…put the cover-up nice and clean..looked away for two second and when I looked back she had managed to take it off and throw one of my pillows down..and look delightfully innocent through it all!
Sometimes Cookie tries to be sexy…I think she’s almost got it, don’t you? =P
But the best moments are when she actually smiles..and then I know she loved me..at least I think she does (until she decides to bite me again).
As you all can see, she’s doing great!



  1. 12. April 2014 / 5:20 pm

    She's so stinking cute! I'm actually a dog person, but lately I have been cozying up with my in-laws' cats and I gotta say that they are growing on me 😀


  2. 15. April 2014 / 6:12 am

    She is cute, but she's also a little tiger! I know, I grew up with dogs as well, but eventually cats grew on me and now I love her!

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