Hello Dolls!

I am Rose, a half austrian, half portuguese young woman of 22 (23 next week on the 3rd of June!). I am currently living in Lisbon and attending the University. I am studying Literatures; Languages and Cultures.

But I also like a whole other bunch of things! You know…strolls down the beach…ok I’m kidding (although those can be really nice, when with the right company!) I recently found my love for girly things, such as fashion and make up. 

Now, I think there is way too much hate in the world. People do not respect each other and, especially young girls (and boys) are very much affected. Having been a victim of discrimination and bullying at school, I take it very personally when I see people suffering from the same issues.

So, this blog is suppose to be a lifestyle, beauty and advice blog. I want this to be a safe place where girls can share their personal views and where there will not be discrimination of any type!


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  1. Welcome to blogland, Rose! I agree that your blog should be a safe place of positivity and I'm glad you are going to bring that too! Woo Hoo and Happy Blogging adventures!

    Liesl 🙂

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