I’m a very social person and I’ve been told I’m a very good friend, which is something I always love to hear, for obvious reasons!
But I’m also someone who takes friendships very serious. And, like everyone, I’ve also been hurt and disappointed and spent my time on the wrong people. At the time it was horrible and I was very hurt and didn’t want to ever have friends again, but today I realize it makes me a better person and more appreciative of my real friends!
I remember when I was in college still and one particular year was very rough because I lost two friends for completely stupid reasons (basically they were not ok with “sharing” my friendship with anyone else and didn’t want me being friends with anyone else, while being with them), but regardless of the reasons, it was hard. Especially because one of them decided to be really mean and talk crap about me and I was stupid too sensitive and always felt bad about it when I heard it. 
Bottom line is, I ended up learning to invest in the right kind of friends!!! Real friends aren’t threatened by you being friends with other people, they encourage you to do so. They help you up when you’re down and pull you back down when your head is to far up in the clouds (which in my case happened a lot!).
As hard as it might be, and trust me, I know how hard it is sometimes, you need to do what is best for you! If you keep investing your time and friendship on someone who doesn’t give a crap, you’ll end up hurt and alone in the end…instead, try to figure out who is worth your time, your commitment and your friendship…and in the end you’ll feel better and be sure you got the right friends!!!


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