It’s the Captain’s birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing Father in the whole wide world! 
Most fathers want to be the Kings in their daughters lives, but Pappa Waldherr is my Captain! He started off as a sailor and ended up as a Captain and in my book, that’s the biggest position ever: he’s father, teacher, friend, doctor, priest, lawyer, defender, cook and so much more! And today it’s his birthday, so everyone wish him a very good birthday!
He went to work a lot when I was a kid, but that just taught me to value every second we spend together even more! He used to write me letters every time he got shipped to sea and that made me appreciate letter writing way more than kids my age. He truly is the smartest man I know, loyal and proud, but also humble and kind. I find myself remembering things he taught me when I was a little kid – like stars in the sky or that if you’re in the “Ring” in Vienna and you keep walking to your right, you’ll eventually get to where you started. Small things that stay with me everyday.
One of the hardest things I ever did in my life was moving to Vienna, because that meant leave my parents behind. But I chose this city because it is his home-town (and I already lived here once, so it wasn’t completely unknown territory) and in a way it makes me feel close to him, walking the same streets he did as a kid. He makes me proud to be a Waldherr!!!
He’s the best Daddy you can have and I am lucky to call him mine!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Pappa!!!
Habe Dich sehr sehr lieb und ich bin in Gedanken dabei!!!


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