Kim Kardashian, the new Marilyn Monroe?

So, here I am at my favorite coffeeshop (which incidentally is called Coffeeshop Company) working on future blog posts for next week, editing pictures,chatting with Dave online, seeing the pictures of the last Party at my Uni in Lisbon and then I scroll down and see this picture:
Ok, so…maybe I’m a horrible uninformed person, but I have no freaking idea who the heck is Riccardo Tisci (probably the guy next to Kim in the picture?) but really? Really? Really??? 
Don’t get me wrong, Kim K is very famous, very glamorous and yes, she’s beautiful (even though I personally prefer her without as much makeup as she usual wears, but that’s me personally), but I don’t think she’s the Marilyn Monroe of our times…
I think Marilyn is an icon, and I’m not saying Kim isn’t one or won’t be one in 20 or 30 years, but Marilyn is Marilyn. Just like Audrey Hepburn is Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot is Brigitte Bardot. They’re icon because they were unique..yes, Marilyn was a diva and so is Kim…but I don’t really think there much more to compare between the two of them…they are two completely different people with two totally different personalities..
I wish people would stop trying to find a “new” Marilyn Monroe..there was one, she was great and let’s leave that at that! 
And for all of you who are Kim’s fans, I too like her. I do. I think she’s a pretty sweet woman with a very soft interior. I think she’s scrutinized to no end in the press (who can forget the most disrespectful articles about her during her pregnancy?), but she’s her own person..
What do you think?


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