Kitchen supplies…

 Since being here in Vienna I learned more or less where to get my groceries..there are a couple of supermarkets here and they more or less have all the same things, sometimes with a difference in price.
I’ve always like Billa, because I just always get there what I’m looking for and I have a card that gives me % to use on shopping the next month and they always have a ton of things going on. 
For the past month I’d seen the whole “Points” pyrex thing going on, but never really paid much attention to it because I thought I didn’t have points. Turns out you would get points for each 10€ you spent in the store. So when last week the lady from my local Billa asked me if I wanted to trade them in, because it was the last day to do so, I immediately jumped into the wagon! 
I ended up choosing this pyrex that holds 1.6L and can go to the oven (that I don’t have), the freezer (that is tiny in my fridge), the microwave (that I also don’t have) and the fridge (which I DO have). I ended only paying 1€ for it and have since been putting my food for the week in it, so each night I just have to put it on the box I take for work and it’s done!
I know this isn’t all that exciting…but to me it is! =D


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