Krapfen…they’re everywhere!!!

I’ve written here some of the curiosities of the Austrians since I’ve been living back in Vienna. Well, since last week I’ve realized a couple more things that I’ll share with you in coming posts.
Austrians have a big sweet tooth. Gosh what am I saying, they have a huge sweet tooth!!! I thought I had one until I moved here. They like their pastry and they some of the best cakes in the world. True story.
But what I’ve been seeing lately everywhere is this:
In Portugal we call them “Bolas de Berlim” and have only two types (the filled with egg-cream and the simple ones), but here they’re called Krapfen. And you can get them with almost every filling you want. I’ve only tried the strawberry one and the vanilla one. It was good. But very filling and hard to finish towards the end.
The thing is, this is some kind of traditional pastry around carnival time. You know, the European Halloween? Anyways, I’ve been seeing these around everywhere. Big, small, filled, unfilled, with designs, with chocolate frosting, with green and red and yellow frosting’s, I’ve seen it all. And damn do Austrians love them!
I personally don’t really care much for these small little ball shaped cakes…they’re good..but not all that..but then again, I’m not much of a cake person. Now, give me some gummy bears or Kinder chocolate and then we’re talking!!
Have you ever tried Krapfen? Do you have them in your country?


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