Less is more

As you know, I have a makeup degree. I like makeup and with time I learned that when it comes to makeup products, less is more.

I think everyone has already heard of the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay, right? When they first came out, I wasn’t very impressed. After all, it was just another neutral palette. However, when the 3rd came out, I immediately fell in love. In January 2013 I finally decided to bite the bullet and give the 47€ for the 12 shades. And I must say, it was love at first smokey eye!

So here is my UD palette “collection”:

I bought the Naked 3 first and fell in love with the quality. Last December when in Portugal I got the Naked on the go (the one in the middle). After a lot of searching for a neutral palette, I finally decided to get the Naked 2 as a birthday present for myself this year.

These three palettes are all very different and I will make separate reviews on them. I have used all of them non-stop and can say the quality is amazing and the price of 47-50€ isn’t high at all.

Sometimes, you don’t need 500 palettes or products. Sometimes, less is more.

What is your favorite makeup palette?



  1. 22. December 2015 / 4:24 pm

    I love the Naked III (I think, if that’s the one with the rose gold tints?) and the Naked Basics I. Just the best shadows. I think if you even owned just the first one, you don’t ever need any other palettes in your life. xx

    Ashleigh | http://www.quintessentiallyme.co.uk

    • 13. January 2016 / 12:42 pm

      Yes, the 3 is the rose one 😉 I agree, I have the 2 and the 3 and I’m good for neutrals!

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