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With the rise of the new era of feminism, which I do want to address in another post, another thing has become an issue is breastfeeding in public. It’s been a very talked issue for quite some time and like with everything, everyone has an opinion and of course their opinion is the correct one and everyone else is wrong. As usual, right?


Yesterday I saw this video on Wendy William’s Youtube channel. In it Alyssa Milano, who’s been a big spokesperson pro breastfeeding, and the show’s host Wendy go at it about the issue. One of the things I love and admire about Wendy Williams, along with her style and humor, is the the fact that she tells it how it is and is not afraid to really say her opinion and get into an argument or debate with her guests in the show.

Breastfeeding, whether you choose to do it or not, is natural. Women shouldn’t be shamed for doing it. Nevertheless, in my opinion, just because it is natural, it doesn’t mean you have to do it in public, in the middle of a restaurant. I mean, would you just pee in the middle of a restaurant.

I think, and again this is just MY opinion, that breastfeeding should be something private, between you and the baby. Not because people shouldn’t watch, but because it is something extremely intimate and I don’t think I’d want to share it with everyone in the room. Having that said, I think breastfeeding in public is something very individual and personal and there’s not right or wrong.

But what about restaurants who don’t allow it? Well, I think every shop has the right to decide what they allow or not, just like you don’t complain if a restaurant doesn’t allow customers to be barefoot or without a shirt, it is their right to decide if they accept or not for customers to breastfeed. Some restaurants even offer a room for women to breastfeed, which I think is really good of them!

I think in a way this whole breastfeeding in public to make a point has less to do with breastfeeding itself, and lot more to do with feeling unaccepted or treated differently as a woman and the whole new extremist feminism that’s arising. Breastfeeding in public does not make you more of a woman or give you more rights. It just brings a lot of unnecessary drama near your newborn baby, that is vulnerable and needs their mum to protect them.

This is just part of my opinion, I could write for ages on the topic. But what do you think? I’m really interested in knowing what opinions everyone else has as well! Let me know in the comments below, will ya?



  1. Yousra
    10. January 2016 / 12:37 pm

    I totally agree with you! I feel like it should be something done in private just because it’s something intimate between the mother and baby not because people don’t like to watch

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    • 13. January 2016 / 12:47 pm

      Yeah, I also think so. It’s not that people might not like it, but there are other ways to show off your feminism and your beliefs…besides, the baby has no choice, maybe he/she doesn’t want to have everyone watching xD

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