Lets talk bras

Those of you who follow this blog since the beginning might remember my obsession for bras. I developed breasts fairly early and I wore the wrong size for years. Similar to shoes, beautiful bras became something I longed for, because I couldn’t have any. I mean, I grew up in Portugal, there weren’t really cure bras in bigger sizes. It was only when I had a breast reduction that I finally was able to wear beautiful bras. 

Even though I no longer need to spend over 100€ for a bra (yes, that was my reality until I had surgery), good quality bras are still a priority for me. Yes, I buy bras from H&M, but I also buy bras from Triumph and co, as long as they’re good quality. It comes to no surprise that I wanted to dedicate a whole post on beautiful bras!

There are a ton of different shapes, cuts, colors, sizes….it is basically a pond with no end full of bras! Sure, I won’t necessarily wear a lace bra showing, but that’s simply because with a bug cup I feel sort of slutty if I do that. I like being covered. But I love the look on smaller chested girls.

Personally I like t-shirt bras and bralettes the most. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find cute feminine, lace filled t-shirt bras! I have very cute bras from H&M that I got on sale and that I wear a ton. I also have very cute bras I spent 50€ on from other brands. Like everything in life, I like to find the golden middle. It all depends on what you want to achieve…do you want lift, do you want your breasts to look bigger, smaller, fuller, flatter? There’s a bra out there for everyone! 

Life is too short to wear something you don’t like! Wearing a cute and sexy bra under your clothes will make you feel confident and good in your own body. And if it is the right size it will also make you look good! 

Do you want me to write more about my experience with having big boobs from early on and my experience with surgery? I’d love to know what you think – leave it in a comment!


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