Let’s talk: Dress-code in schools?

I think can consider myself lucky for growing up in a time and place where dress-codes weren’t necessary in schools. Whether that was because parents knew how to dress their kids or because of the fashion trends at the time, I don’t know, but what I do know is I never saw any kids walking around half naked.

Nowadays you see kids walking around as if they’re living inside a rap music video. You cannot go out without seeing a 12 year-old girl dressed with short-short-shorts that show half her butt and a top so tiny it’s can’t even be considered a crop-top. And I don’t think it’s just a fashion thing, I really don’t!

A while ago I saw a reportage about a German school that implemented a dress-code, much to the annoyance of those who frequent it. Quite honestly, I agree with the school board! Don’t get me wrong, they don’t forbid everything, but they do set up some (in my opinion) basic rules. I don’t think that telling the students that they’re not allowed to wear diaper shorts or tops that are smaller than some bikinis in the nearest beach is wrong. I think it’s common sense! Who are those parents that buy their teenage daughters these clothes? And it totally is a girl thing because when it comes to boys they’re still wearing oversize jeans down to their butt-crack and stinky sneakers, sometimes accompanied by a the mythical baseball cap and a t-shirt with some kind of band logo that no one knows – often with old-school bands that they don’t know, but somehow think is cool – just like they were 25 years ago.

Quite honestly, if a 12 year old girl is dressed in that way she is, even without realizing, sending the wrong message to the boys at school and even worse – out of school. Do parents not realize this? Do parents not think that they’re not only allowing, but also helping their child to be exposed in a way they shouldn’t be? What about sexual predators? Has anyone thought about that? I know the 12 year-old girl who’s wearing the tiny amount of fabric hasn’t, she’s a kid! And while today kids are a lot more evolved (I’m sorry but I’m not gonna say mature, because I don’t think the majority are), they’re not thinking about the message their clothes are conveying to the outside world – they’re more worried being cool and hip and having swag (is that still a thing?). They’re more worried about boys liking them, but the thing is they don’t understand that the boys that will like them because they’re exposing their bodies, only like them for that and not the right reasons.

By imputing a dress-code, I think schools might indirectly be teaching girls (and boys) to respect their bodies and themselves. Not only that, but they’re also creating an environment more suited for learning which is after all what schools are made for. If parents didn’t allow kids to go out dressed this way and if kids dressed appropriately, there wouldn’t be the need for schools to implement this type of rules.

I don’t know when this became the rule, when kids stopped being kids, when 14 year-old girls started dressing like the hooker from down the road, but I think it’s up to the grown-ups to try and contradict this tendency! Whether you like it or not, your clothes and the way you dress send out a message to the people who see you, they’re your first impression and trust me, no one will take someone dressed like a mini-stripper seriously. Allowing such young kids to dress in not only a very inappropriate, but also extremely sexual style is not going to teach them respect and self-worth and it’s not going to attract the right type of man/boy either.

In my opinion this German school is doing a good thing. Heck, they’re only imputing a dress-code and not forcing the kids to wear a uniform every day – which I would have thought to be great when I was in school, but then again I was always weird that way. I think the school is just trying to get back to basics and create a good and respectful learning environment.

What do you think? Do you think this school is gone too far? What are your thoughts on the way kids are dressing nowadays?



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