Let’s talk: How much is your privacy worth?

One of the things people often ask me on the blog or my other social media channels is why I don’t put more of myself out there or why I don’t share things like pictures of my friends or family.

The reason being privacy. Let’s talk about it:

In our day and age people put more and more of them out there. Often too quickly and without judging the dangers of it. I know it is tempting to put everything out there, to be a totally open – but it can be dangerous. I’ve seen people get their identity stolen, solely from their Facebook or Instagram.

Nowadays it is extremely easy to get information about people, especially online. You check my blog, my Facebook page and my Instagram and you will get an idea of some of my hobbies or foods I like. But you will not see my address or the place I work.

As much as I like to share my life with you, and I do share quite a lot, I also like to keep some things to myself. Which is also the reason why I have not made a house tour video – because I am not the only one living in this apartment. I will show parts of it in pictures, but they’re just on the background and don’t show anything that me and Markus consider too private.

Privacy is something valuable, something that should be cherished. Cherish it, be protective of it. You can have a blog or a great Instagram and still protect the private things in your life! I know people who post pictures of their babies and kids on their blogs all the time and even though I like baby pictures, I wouldn’t do it myself – to me, I would be putting my family in danger. How many predators are out there looking at those pictures? If you’re a good enough hacker, you can figure out where the pictures were taken. Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger, protect yourself. At the end of the day it is up to anyone to decide what is or isn’t showing too much. I know the wish of getting followers or readers is sometimes too much, but is it worth your own safety? 

I urge everyone to think about this. Think about how much you put out there and if you’d still do it if you knew how many people can take advantage of it and hurt you.

How much is your privacy worth?


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