Life Update: blog, pain, hairdresser and viruses

I finally got the blog back up!!! Leave it to me to make such a rookie mistake, like giving the blog email as the contact email. *facepalm*

As you might have realized if you follow my social media – I transferred my domain and my hosting into the same place. They used to be separate before and it’s much more convenient to have all together. I had a bit of a trouble, not being able to access the data, and of course all of that happened on the Easter weekend. Anyways, the blog is up and running again, even though some photographs went missing from it.

Also, we then found out I had a virus on my computer. Locky it’s called. When Markus said “Locky” I was ready to punch him, thinking he was being nerdy at a very inconvenient time – I thought we was talking about the Avengers and Thor’s brother. Guess I’m becoming a nerd. Anyway, he did explain what he meant and no punching was involved.

Luckily, my friend Sasa came to the rescue and said I should just bring the pc over. She managed to set it all back up with the windows 7, which ended up being good, since I never liked the windows 8. Seriously, the woman is a superhero! You should have seen her dealing with my pc!

Regading my health, I will write a bigger post soon, but long story short – I’ve been in a lot of pain lately. Like, a lot. Having-to-go-to-the-hospital-kind-of-pain. We’re trying to figure out what it’s going on and until then I’m trying to keep it together and not get desperate.

Last, but not least, my hair. A you guys know, I’m trying to get back to blonde – keeping my natural roots. I am aiming for an ombre-like look, that is manageable and doesn’t make me go to the hairdressers every month. The lady I went to before gave me a “toner” to cut the yellow tinge of my hair, which I was supposed to use 1 month after the highlights. I did find it weird that it was actually hair dye – she said it would just cut the yellow tinge and maybe light a bit of the highlights, but the rest would remain the same. -.- It didn’t. It lightened my whole head. Meaning, my roots are now one shade lighter than they are naturally and everything was a lot more warm and golden. The opposite of what I wanted. It’s halfway fixed now, but we’re gonna see how it ends once my roots start showing again. A post going into more detail is on the way.

This was my life the last two weeks. I was stressed and am full of pimples now, but it’s fine, because spring is coming!!!!!


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