Little things

It’s the little things that are important in life…whether it is something you can keep in a box or hang on your wall, we always remember the small things. And some of these small things you can keep in a box for small things!

little things

A few months ago Markus and I were walking through town on a Saturday and we decided to go to this dainty little shop called Kaufgeschäft Elfriede – which is a very cute shop, with so many beautiful things. It’s every girl’s dream, so many cute decoration things, as far as you can imagine! It’s to no surprise that I found this little box, with the inscription “Little things”.

It’s a small and cute box, with a glass lid. I decided to use it to store my favorite little things: my jewelry! I use it to store the jewelry I like the most and that I wear often. I have another box, that my Opa made and I recently brought with me, where I store the ring I wear everyday and my favorite earrings.

It cost 12€ if I’m not mistaken, minus a 2€ discount they had for new customers. I find this little box practical and girly, without being too girly. It’s “grown-up-girly”! And it’s one of the best buys I’ve made recently!

Where and how do you guys store your jewelry? Let me know!


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