[:en]Live Music in Lisbon![:]


Hey hey everyone!!!

How are you all? I’ve been going to class like a good girl should, because this is my last semester and I’m super excited to finish it (and super nervous as well!)

Last weekend I went on a hike through Lisbon and had a blast!! I took loads of pictures and today I’m sharing some of them with you…

In Chiado, a very touristic place in Lisbon, when the weather starts cooperating and not being so dull and dark and the sun decides to show up, there are always guys playing live music!

One of them was also doing this thing pictured above! It looked really cool, I wish I was brave enough to try it out, but I would get scared to hurt someone!

It’s a really cool thing to see because they bring their own instruments and play lots of songs and people sing along and it’s really fun to do (if you are brave enough to actually sing along…which I’m not…)

When the weather is good, people sit outside in the shade and drink their coffee’s or tea and it’s a really good way to pass your time!

There ya go, a picture of me in a very touristic way haha in the city I lived in for most of my life! I look so awkward =P
Hope you all have an amazing day!


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