Love is…

Sometimes I crack up laughing because I remembered something you said..

Sometimes I remember small things like the way you smiled when you talked about you and Dad growing up..

Sometimes I find myself wishing time would go back so I could have had more of it with you..

Sometimes I think I see a bit of you in him..when he laughs..when he talks..

Sometimes I think the pain will never go away…

Sometimes when i hear someone talking about cancer like it’s nothing I want to scream at them and say “You don’t know ANYTHING about that!”..

Sometimes I see a woman with many kids and it reminds me of you just took me in as if I were your own daughter and not only your niece..

Sometimes I think I will never love anyone so unconditionally the way you loved my Dad..

Sometimes I want to pick up the phone and call you..because I “forget” you’re not here..

Sometimes I see something or hear something that reminds me of you and makes me smile..

And sometimes..sometimes I miss you so much I feel like I can’t stop crying..

And as I’m writing this here and tears are rolling down my face I realize I know what love is!


Your memory. Your life. You. But most of all, I realize you left some of that love with us.   And it makes me happy. Because I know this way you will always keep on living!


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