Fall wardrobe essentials

There are clouds outside, the wind is going and the rain is coming down: Fall has finally arrived! And whilst I loved my lake swims during the Summer, I was more than ready to welcome the colder weather. Boots, scarves, coats – Fall fashion makes me happy! 

And if you want to know what my Fall wardobe essencials are, just keep on reading below!


A good coat is a must! A friend of mine once said that coats and shoes are the place to spend your money. A good coat is a good investment – I bought my green parka for 80€ and have worn it all through four winters and it is still going on strong! 

A wrap-up dress looks good on anyone, but especially on those of us with curves – I love the look of a wrap-up dress and the berry color I chose is one of my favorites at the moment. A good sweater is also smart to invest in – cashmere is one of the best things made on earth. Unless you’re allergic to wool, like I am. I’ve never really tried cashmere itself, but I tried merino wool and was so sad that it made my skin itch. A good cardigan goes hand-in-hand with a good sweater. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses…whatever you want to! It keeps you warm and looks put together, without looking like you’re trying too hard. 

Jeans Jeans Jeans!

Jeans are in everyone’s closet by now. But what about a jeans-skirt? I love the look of the one above, because the shape looks amazing on everyone and the length is perfect too. I love midi-skirts! Feminine blouses are also always in my closet – I wear blouses almost daily! I love the flowy wear of them and that I can wear them up or down.

Last, but not least, shoes and bags. In my opinion, shoes are very important. Sure, I still buy shoes from very affordable brands, but I try to always stick to the price-per-wear principle. Therefore, I have no issues splurging on good quality boots, because I know they’ll last longer and keep me warm and dry during the winter months. I still think my Ugg boots were one of my best investments to date. What bags are concerned, I used to buy bags at the fair for 10€ and they would last me 6 months, at the most. I then bought my Longchamp and it lasted me for almost 4 years until it started looking worn out and broken. (I still have it, but only use it to carry stuff). This shows that buying good quality things pays off! 

These are my Fall wardrobe essentials! What are yours? What can you not live without in the Fall/Winter seasons?


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