Miss cuddling with this little fella…

Hey hey everyone!!
May I present you Dicky:
Dicky was my aunt Renate’s cat back in Vienna! His name is Dicky because fat in German is  “dick”. He was my companion all the time I was living over there.
When I got sick for a week, before going into the hospital for an emergency surgery, he stayed next to me on my bed for the whole week and only got up to eat and got right back next to me in 5min! He even followed me to the loo and scratched the door when he thought I had been there for too long!!
When I got back from Christmas break, my aunt told me she would find my slippers in the middle of the hallway and not know how they got there, until one day she caught him walking carrying in his mouth a slipper almost as big as him!!!
I think he understood I would be leaving soon, because when I started sending these boxes home with winter stuff, he would jump into them and be like “No no, you’re not leaving again!!!”. He always listened to me and always purred back. Oh yes, we had huge heartfelt conversations with one another!!!
I can truly say, my time in Vienna would not have been the same without this little furry guy! I still have pictures of him hanging in my room and always ask for him when I talk to my uncle =P Dicky was the reason I started liking cats and really made me feel for the first, and ever, time what having a connection with an animal feels like =D
Do any of you have a pet? If so, do you have a special connection with him?
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Be happy!!




  1. 19. August 2012 / 3:04 am

    Dicky is adorable!!! How wonderful it is to have a cat that is so loving and almost gets you…I had one like that growing up, and he is still missed to this day, the best cat ever!!! 🙂 Also, thank you for such a sweet comment on my blog, and for the birthday wishes…they meant the world! <3

  2. 19. August 2012 / 4:04 pm

    I really wish Merlin (Dad's cat) were as cuddly as sweet as Dicky…I really miss him =(

    You're more than welcome, you totally deserve it!!You're such a nice person and always have a kind word, you really do deserve all the best!


  3. 19. August 2012 / 4:05 pm

    Right? He is just the sweetest!!! =)


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