Motherhood is not a competition

I thought having a baby was hard enough. But that is just the beginning! Before even giving birth, I found out that everything is a competition for some mothers. Today I am sharing with you some thoughts on it.  

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In some cases, it’s even before you give birth! Especially in families with multiple siblings, it’s inevitable not to hear the words “so, when are you going to have kids?” Once you make a pregnancy public, everyone has something to say about it. Not only that, women usually tend to compare their pregnancies to yours. 

It’s like they ask you how you are doing, only to tell you how they had it worse. If you don’t have it as “bad” as they did, then you are lucky and should be thankful to all the gods for it. If you’re suffering from something else during your pregnancy, they will let you know why that isn’t as bad as what they had to go through. You simply cannot win!

You have a beautiful, wonderful baby! Shouldn’t that be enough? I am honestly so sick and tired of being told how “lucky” I am Benjamin likes being on his play mat. Or how “practical” it must be that he drinks formula. Someone even told me how lucky I am that I didn’t get my vagina “ruined” because I didn’t have to push out my baby. (that one really hit a nerve!

It shouldn’t be about who starts walking first, who uses up more diapers or whose baby starts sleeping through the night first. Motherhood is not a competition, so stop making into one! There are no “easy” babies, it’s all about how you deal with what you’re given. So try to do your best and support other mothers, instead of trying to compete with them!


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