My current fashion basics

Yesterday I realized I hadn’t done a fashion post in a while. Actually, in too long! So long, that I had forgotten my password for Polyvore, which is always fun.

After careful thought (which lasted about 2 seconds) I decided it would be fun to show you guys my current fashion basics. I am fortunate enough to work in a place where I can wear pretty much whatever I want. But that doesn’t mean my style didn’t change in the last few months. Even though I kinda think it’s almost undetectable, but hey, that’s just me!

So here we go on to my current fashion basics:

My basics

Jeans. I love jeans, I think they’re the most versatile piece someone can own. I love mine on the skinnier side (oh how times change..I used to only wear really large jeans all through my teen years!) and I believe anyone can wear skinny jeans, no matter they’re shape! It’s all about balancing your proportions!

My second basic has to be a pencil skirt. I got one from H&M when I first got to Vienna and I love it! It’s in a kind of jersey material and was pretty affordable at 10€! I’m actually wearing it today and couldn’t be more comfortable.

Blouses are my new found love!! I started wearing them about 10months ago and never looked back. They’re easy to wear and make me feel instantly more put together than just a simple t-shirt would.

Cardigans and scarves are my old time favorites!! I think you can never own too many cardigans and a scarf can bring a boring outfit back to life. Even if I just wear them to keep me warm and cozy..

Ballerina flats are not only very feminine, but I also think they look good with basically anything! I prefer the simple old school ones with the bow, like the ones pictures above, but I’m actually thinking of trying some pointy ones, just for the heck of it!

A nice bag is a must in any woman’s wardrobe, in any style. There are so many styles out there, you’ll surely find one you love..just make sure you look a lot and don’t commit to a nice (and pricier) bag unless you love it. 

And my last, but definitely not least, basics are some sentimental rings I brought from home. I have a couple I rotate, but they’re pretty much the one’s I love, because they were given to me by important people in my life!

What are your fashion basics?




  1. 22. April 2014 / 8:22 am

    I feel the same way! Unfortunately I don't have any leopard scarf anymore…but I'm on the hunt for the “perfect” one!!!

  2. 22. April 2014 / 8:22 am

    I feel the same way! Unfortunately I don't have any leopard scarf anymore…but I'm on the hunt for the “perfect” one!!!

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