My drugstoremakeup favourites of the moment

I love good quality makeup and good quality makeup can get expensive. But it doesn’t have to. Want to see what some of my (amazing) makeup favourites from the drugstore are? Keep on reading to know what they are!

All of the products I’m showing you here today are products I own and have been using non-stop lately! They’re also only from two brands: L’Oreal and Essence! Like I said, good makeup doesn’t have to be expensive.

makeup drugstore l'oreal essence

First things first: the mascaras! The lovely Verena from Who is Mocca has amazing lashes and was nice enough to let me know what she used. After knowing it was from essence I immediately ran to the next Bipa and got it. It’s the “Lash princess fake lash effect mascara” – the one with the green writing. It gives a clumpy look that I surprisingly love! After trying that one, I wanted to try the other one, the “Lash princess volume mascara” with the pink writing. I gotta tell you, if one is good, both today are just amazeballs!!! I usually use the pink one first and top it off with the green one. Love the result on my lashes and they cost 3€ each! Why buy expensive mascara?

Also from essence are the two powders. I have used and loves the  “all about matt” powder, which is a pressed translucent powder. I sometimes use it on top of my foundation and always use it to set my concealer under my eyes, so it doesn’t crease. It costs around 3€ too and is just as good as a MAC translucent powder (which I also used for years). The bronzer was something I decided to try out to while on the hunt for a bronzer for my fair skin. The one I have is from the “Blondes” collection and has a palm tree imprinted instead of the girls, but you get the point. It costs 3.50€ and is not orange at all! It’s almost matt, but leaves a bit of sheen, without being glittery. 

The L’oreal cushion foundation was something I was able to get out of luck. The lady at my Bipa told me they had just gotten them and maybe I’d want to try it, since it is a limited edition. It wasn’t even on display yet! It was so nice of her to let me know – I guess they know I know makeup, since I always help someone out when I’m there. I was a bit sceptical regarding the shades, because it is extremely difficult to find light enough shades in drugstore foundations, but the lightest shade fits my skin!!! Not perfectly, it’s a half shade too warm and dark, but I can work with it, since I have to use bronzer now that I’m blonde, or else the hair looks too warm. It’s a lightweight foundation cushion and I apply it with my beauty blender. And it costs 15€, which is somewhat more expensive. Tutorial coming soon maybe? 

The lipsticks. I’ve started wearing lipsticks last year and was in a “red” craze for a while. However, when Kathi from Ketch’em Bunnies said that one of her favourite nudes was the one from the J.Lo exclusives collection from L’Oreal and is currently on sale for 13€, I had to check it out! Ended up loving it and bringing it home the next day! It’s almost the same colour as my lips, but makes them look even better! The essence one is a matt lipstick in the colourBarely there“, which is a tad darker than my lips but looks amazing!! And it costs 3€, so why not try all the shades?

These are my favourites from the drugstore that I’ve been loving lately. What are your go-to drugstore products that you can’t live without?


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