Review: My favorite concealers

I like makeup. I like the way I can change it according to my mood and the way I can use it to change up my look whenever and how I want to.

Concealers have become my best friends. Seriously, I might leave the house with nothing on my face, except concealer. Unfortunately since relapsing, my under eye bags have been extremely dark. And even concealing them doesn’t do the trick. But I still got my favorites, lets check them:


From left to right: MAC Pro Longwear concealer, MAC Mineralize concealer, Catrice Camouflage cream.

The MAC Pro longwear concealer, has a very good coverage and I even use it sometimes a bit on my cheeks, to cover up the redness (when I don’t use foundation). It is also extremely resistant, even on hot Summer days. I  like the pump, even though you need to be very careful as it tends to let out too much. I don’t usually feel the need to set it with a powder, unless it is a very hot day.

MAC Mineralize concealer (around 20€) is a softer, with lower coverage concealer. It’s what I use most of the days, because it’s so lightweight. However, it does not in any way cover my dark circles completely. But since I don’t really want to wear so much makeup on a daily basis, this is a good option. This one is applied with a built-in brush. I usually set this with a powder and feel it lasts longer on my skin that way.

The Catrice Camouflage concealer is in a pot and is very thick. You need to get it out with a brush or your fingers. Personally I use my (clean!) fingers, because I find the heat of my skin melts the formula and makes it easier to blend. It is full coverage and you definitely need to set it with a powder!

Regarding colors, I am NW15 in the Pro Longwear (19€), NC15 in the Mineralize (20.50€) and “Ivory” in the Catrice one (2.99€). All of these are extremely light, just like me. Also, don’t be scared to try different shades, especially in stores like MAC. I have a rather neutral undertone so I can get away with using NC or NW shades, depending also on the makeup I’m using and how golden my hair is.

What are your favorite concealers? Let me know!


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