My favorite heels!

I got these heels last time I lived in Vienna. Geez, time flies by! It’s been five years since I’ve had these…they’re getting somewhat scuffed on the side of one of the shoes, but I guess they’re not exactly new, right?
Anyways, I had to leave them in Portugal when I came here because they didn’t fit into my luggage and also I though it was going to be snowing here eventually. It didn’t. Snow, I mean. Not once since I’ve been here. 
When I opened the package I got from my parents last Friday I was so happy to see my Mum managed to squeeze these into the box and send them to me!
They’re ultra comfortable, I can walk miles in them and we have a lot of history. These were the shoes I wore to the Portuguese Golden Globes last May.
Anyways, on Saturday the day was so pretty and the sun was shining to much I thought I would wear them after I got home in the morning. I went to the Belvedere gardens and of course I wore my boots, because that’s a lot of walking.
And then what happens?? The sun decides to vanish behind huge clouds. I mean, seriously??? Seriously, Vienna? First you don’t give me snow…then when I’m finally ok with that and the fact that you decided to bring Spring early than usual, you bring me big, fat clouds with cold wind!!! What the heck is that???
You need to pick up your game Vienna, or else we’re gonna have a big big fight. We might even break up. Probably not, but still, get a grip on yourself and stop trying to be a Katy Perry song (“Hot and Cold”…get it? Ok, forget it…).
Anyways..I hope I get to wear these this coming week…(Hear that Vienna??? You better collaborate with my outfit choices from now on!!!) and I’ll take picture and show you…and I’ll be a very happy lady in heels!



  1. 9. March 2014 / 6:27 pm

    I wouldn't want to be caught dead in those horrid shoes..

  2. 16. March 2014 / 5:22 pm

    I guess that's why there are so many different styles out there, right? So that we all can choose what we like best =)

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