My new favorite (and pretty affordable) moisturizer!

When I first got to Vienna, I got one of the cheapest face moisturizers I could find at dm. And at less than 3€ it was a find, and actually pretty good and moisturizing.

The only problem? A bit too moisturizing when Winter finally passed. So I went on the hunt for another day cream. After trying many testers (have I told you the importance of being friendly to sales-women???) I finally decided to go for this one from the The Body Shop:
It’s from the Vitamin E collection (line?) and it’s freaking awesome!!! I got the small travel size (15ml) because that’ll last me all through the Spring and Summer months. I really like the feeling it leaves my skin with.
I’m not using any specific treatment products, for wrinkles or such, because my skin is still young and there is no need to use those kind of products yet. I do, however, use an eye cream that prevents wrinkles, which is different than a product targeted for people who already have the first wrinkles. 
Nonetheless I’ve also realized my skin is needing better care than before and I’m trying to give that special care and treatment. That means masks once a week, a good moisturizer and taking my makeup every night before sleep. Well, we’re still working on the last point…
What are your skin needs? Do you like the The Body Shop face products? I love them and think they’re actually not only good, but also pretty affordable (compared to other brands)…you don’t need to pay a lot to have a good skin care regime.


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