My new glasses!

Some of you know that I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses or contacts. I had gotten my last glasses back in 2013 and eventually had to get new ones. After months of not seeing well, in May I finally decided to stop by Fielmann in Linz and get some new glasses. 

When I got my previous pair, still in Portugal, the person who went with me pressured me to make a quick decision and so I ended up with a pair that I completely disliked. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t ugly, they just weren’t what I wanted. Being used to wear contacts, the old pair made it pretty difficult to walk outdoors or in malls, because the rims were so small that I couldn’t really see much. So this time I decided to take my time and knew I wanted a bigger pair (not necessarily big on the sides, but from up to down – I’m not making much sense, am I?).

Rosie von Waldherr

Let me tell you, I tried on a TON of glasses and eventually managed to cut them down to 5 pairs. A few days later I went back with Markus, so I could get a second opinion. After all, that’s what boyfriends are for, right? This pair was in my favorite 2 and the only thing that was scaring me was the fact that they were darker (somehow I thought that the color of the rims would affect my sight, but since they’re big enough it’s not an issue).

I am still absolutely in love with them! I could not have made a better choice! They fit my frame perfectly and even bring out the green in my eyes sometimes. They’re large enough that I can walk outdoors (if it’s not too sunny) and stay in front of the computer for a comfortable amount of time. The only thing that annoys me is that when I sweat (what, it’s been over 38ºC here the last few weeks!) they get somewhat foggy/dirty in the inner corners near the bridge of my nose. Other than that, I think they’re perfect!

The ladies at Fielmann in the Landstrasse in Linz were amazing and extremely helpful! I couldn’t recommend this store more!


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  1. Antonymous
    26. November 2019 / 4:48 am

    Those suit you and are stylish :).

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